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1. All students shall comply with the School Rules and Regulations.

2. Regular and punctual attendance at lectures, demonstrations, practical, clinical & Class examination etc. is compulsory. Student, whose progress and conduct are not considered satisfactory, will not be allowed to take examinations. A student, who does not maintain a satisfactory academic standard and conduct, will not be allowed to hold office in school or participate in extracurricular activities.

3. Students are not allowed to use Principal’s office/ Verandas and gardens around the Departments and Administrative Blocks.

4. The following is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in all parts of the School/ Institute:

  • The possession or use of alcoholic beverages.
  • The possession or use of addictive or hallucinogenic drugs.
  • Gambling
  • The possession or use of firearms or any lethal weapon.
  • Loitering around, especially under the influence of alcohol.

5. Student must pay for all damages caused by them to books and other school properties, if any.

6. Students are not permitted to use the School Telephone/Office Telephone.

7. Illness and minor ailment must be reported to the Principal/ Warden as early as possible.

8. Prescribed course fees must be paid in time specified by the Management. In case of default a fine will be imposed and concerned student will be debarred from attending classes/examination.

9. All irregularities, neglect of duties, breach of rules and indiscipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal. The Principal in consultation with the management shall deal with any serious offence.

10. The decisions of the Governing Council of the school in all disputes would be final and binding on the student.


Sick leave: In all cases of illness, recommendation of sick leaves in writing by the Warden or Medical Officer must be presented to the Principal. Further, student present the sick leave certificate to the Principal after presenting leave slip to the concerned department. On return from the sick leave, the students will be examined by a senior physician of AUAMC & ACN Hospital and if found fit, he/she will be allowed to continue the training. Sick leave cannot be accumulated from year to year. The number of sick leaves is 10 days.

Annul Vacation: 30 days

Preparatory leave: 7 days per annum

12. At the time of admission, the students and parents/legal guardian will be required to sign a declaration that their children/wards will abide by all the rules and regulations of the School/ Institute.

13. Rules to be followed in the Hostel by the Residents

• Parents/Guardians are expected to give a list of relatives who visit the student during training period.

• Residents will be fully responsible for any loss or damage to the electrical fittings etc.

• Residents are not allowed to use the electrical heaters or any other electrical apparatus run by power in their rooms or elsewhere.

• Students should not keep expensive/gold items in their rooms.

• No. students shall permit any stranger/friend/relation/unauthorized person to live in her room even for a short period. If a student is found to be violating this rule, the student shall be liable for serious action against her including expulsion from the hostel/school.

• Proper utilization of fans/lights should be followed. All lights should be switch off at 10 o’clock

• No male person shall be allowed to enter the Girls hostel/room except the visiting room of the school.

• Residents are required to write their name and addresses on the register maintained with warden/ Administrator before leaving for the weekends/holidays, etc. after obtaining permission.

• Resident should not create any disturbances or nuisance for other residents by rushing about in the staircase/corridors and loudly playing radios/ CRs/ Stereos at late hours during the night, such activity is strictly prohibited.

• Residents wishing to absent themselves from the hostel after closing time of the gate shall obtain a permit from the Warden/Administrator, stating where they will be going and when they shall be back in the hostel.

• Female relatives and friends will be allowed to visit the inmates in the visiting room but are not allowed to stay after 8 pm

• In emergency situation, parents/guardian may visit students after communicating to the school/hospital through telegrams/fax etc.

• An out fit which may distract the attention of others, is discouraged.

• Each student should keep their room and surroundings neat and clean. Inspection can be done at any time by the authority.

• Students must take their meals in time only in the dining room.


A student may be expelled from the rolls of school/ Institute or punished at the direction of the management of the School/Institute hospital for the following reasons:-

• Taken part in any activity, for any reasons whatsoever, which will cause a hindrance/disturbance in the School/Institute, Hospital, or Hostel.

• Involving and instigating a student to participate in activities which will be detrimental to the School/Institute or undermine the discipline at the Institute or undermine the discipline at the School/Institute.

• Careless and unsatisfactory work and for serious misconduct in any way in the clinical area.

• Giving wrong information on the health certificates.

• Lack of progress in studies and clinical/field work

• Using and adopting unfair means like cheating, copying, or using unfair means etc during test or examinations.

• Disregard and disobey the rules and regulations prescribed by the authorities in this prospectus and for any other rules which may be made by the authorities from time to time for the smooth functioning and growth of the establishment.

15. A careful and continuous assessment of a student’s knowledge, abilities will determine whether he/she should continue further after successful completion of one academic session of the course. Every student is expected and required to have adequate clinical /field (community) experience.

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